Impact of the BYOD Revolution in the Hospitality Industry

BYOD or bring your own device refers to a business trend where clients and employees prefer to use their devices rather than those provided by the business. Ultimately, the trend has been a game changer for companies in the hospitality industry as it has led to drastic changes in their human resource and customer relations policies. The BYOD trend is unstoppable, and businesses that are unable to adapt are likely to stagnate as they face low customer satisfaction and low levels of employee motivation.

How to Keep Guests Entertained With a Pool

Garden parties and outdoor cooking with friends constitute a big part of the Australian way of life. There are a few things which are more quintessentially Aussie than enjoy a barbecue with some guests in your back garden. That said, some of the elements that go into al fresco entertainment can be a little repetitive. If you want to liven things up when your friends and family come over, then you should think about holding a pool party.