How to Design Your Wedding Party Space for Maximum Effect

When two lovebirds make preparations for their wedding, they may spend a lot of time working on the ceremony itself, but less time to figure out the details of the party. Of course, they want to make sure that they make a good impression and develop plenty of memories either way, but attention to detail is crucial at every stage. How can you ensure that your wedding party is equally as momentous as the main event itself?

Focus on the Fundamentals

If you have chosen an unusual venue for your after-wedding party, then you may have a clean sheet of paper to work with and can really go to town with your design. Nevertheless, you should always bear in mind the fundamentals, so you make your party a roaring success.

Centre of Attention

To begin with, make sure that you place the stage in a location that is visible from every part of the facility. This is where any important announcements will be made, where the DJ will set up his or her equipment, or where the band will play.

Not Too Big, Not Too Small

Next, make sure that the dance floor is well designed and perfectly adequate for your expected attendance levels. This does not mean that you should make it as large as possible come what may, as this could be counter-productive. You may find it difficult to encourage people if they feel that they are "being watched," and should try to develop a cosy feel to build up a better atmosphere.

Let There Be Light

Next, be careful with your lighting and don't make the dance floor the centre of attention. Once again, this could discourage people from taking part, and they're much more likely to blend in if you use moving, coloured lights instead.

Working on the Sound

You do need to be quite sophisticated when choosing a speaker system. Don't worry about the technicalities as your equipment supplier will be able to deal with these. However, remember that the best sound system is perfect on the dance floor but is able to blend in with the conversation on a nearby table.

Strategic Locations

Finally, make sure that you set up all your food and drink stations strategically, and position your toilet facilities carefully. You don't want to force people to carry drinks across the dance floor or make people wander too far away from the action. Instead, do your best to keep the mood up all night. Yourwedding hire company can help you plan the right locations.

It's Teamwork

You can work with your party equipment supplier to fine-tune all the details and to ensure that your special night is truly one to remember.