How to Keep Guests Entertained With a Pool

Garden parties and outdoor cooking with friends constitute a big part of the Australian way of life. There are a few things which are more quintessentially Aussie than enjoy a barbecue with some guests in your back garden. That said, some of the elements that go into al fresco entertainment can be a little repetitive. If you want to liven things up when your friends and family come over, then you should think about holding a pool party.

Outdoor pool builders can fashion some extremely good-looking pools these days which are not your simple rectangle. Indeed, professional pool landscaping can really make a pool like it is a part of your garden's design and not a mere add-on. How can you use a pool to make your garden parties go with a bit more of a swing? 

Inflatable Races

If you have a kidney-shaped pool or an oval one, then you can time laps of the pool to see who can get around its edge on an inflatable the fastest. The fun thing to do here is to have the least practical inflatable possible. Kids and adults love silly games like this, but remember to make life more difficult for contestants by having the odd bucket of water to throw at them to slow progress down. If you have a straight pool, then organise your races into relays with teams competing side-by-side with one another.

Immersed Outdoor Movies

All you need to hold a very different sort of pool party is a projector and a screen. So long as you keep the electrics away from the water, of course, a pool party where you watch a movie when you're in the pool is a great idea – especially after a very hot day in the sun. Serve drinks in plastic beakers and choose something to watch with a water theme although 'Jaws' may not be the ideal feature film – depending on your friends, that is.

Pirate Fancy Dress

Everyone likes a fancy dress party so why not choose a theme which will make the most of your garden's pool. Pirate or naval pool party themes are a great idea, and you can even make your guests walk the plank if you have a diving board installed. Kids like this sort of party, too, especially if you hide some 'buried treasure' at the bottom of your pool for them to dive down and recover.